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"El Presidente" and founder of the Freestyle Furioso Dj-Collective and the heart of this no border approach to music, one of those guys who rest in the shadows just to spread rays of sunlight, once they have taken the decks over. No song remains the same under Franz’s needles: an exquisite rare track and bootleg detective, this cat can raise hell, lead you into heaven and make the clouds under your dancing feet bubble. Looking for the perfect bass line and always retrieving it with the greatest of ease and a mischievous smile, a Muzikfranz - grounation will leave the sophisticated music historian rockin’ with the killer loop addicted club hopper. No need to believe anything here, because you will know as soon as the first record spins.




I love to call it freestyle! but it's depending to the kind of party or mix ...

I know that some of you may need something more specific ...
50s/60s/70s/80s stuff - all kinds of african music - arabic / middle east music - asian - balkan - breakbeat - calypso - cumbia - dancehall - downtempo - dub - dubstep - D'n'B - electronica - funk - gypsy music - hip hop - house (funky, minimal & tech house) - jazzy stuff - latino - leftfield - mash-up - oldies - psychedelic - reggae - soul - ska - R&B - world music (it is simply to much to name it here)


muZikfranZ (freestyle furioso)
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